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We are happy to provide wheelchair accessible taxi service to San Antonio, its' suburbs, and South Texas.  

Our mission is to insure your happiness and return business.   We value your testimonials, and we invite you to provide either a positive, (or hopefully not!) negative comment so we can apologize and make your concern right.

However, if you need a ride now , CALL NOW, and we will help you as quickly as we possibly can.

We recommend using the "BOOK NOW" button below as far in advance as possible to insure your ride request is accomo-dated!

Our services are in high demand - - - but we don't want to leave ANYONE BEHIND.

San Antonio Wheelchair Taxi always allows someone to ride with you at no extra charge!  In fact we can carry up to four other people with you for the same price.


Also, in the absence of a personal care attendant, we are happy to assist you to and from the taxi.


About San Antonio Wheelchair Taxi!

(210) 260-6740

Need a ride Now?  Call Now!

Your Wheelchair Concierge!

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