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Instructions for Completing an online PayPal Payment.

1.  Select the PayPal logo (above) to leave this site and go to PayPal. 

    You will be directly sent to the PayPal processing for this event .  The 

    registration fee is $69.00 per person to include guests.  However, there is no limit to the amount of cars to be registered. There is no price discount for early registration and registrations are accepted by US Mail, online and also prior to the morning of the show.




2.  You may need to login to PayPal.

3.  If the link fails to work for some reason, you can log into PayPal and directly  

     make your payment to "" (Ron Clarke - San Antonio   


4.  Please provide the names of all attendees covered by this payment.

5.  A receipt will be sent by PayPal and to the Email address listed.   You should also be sent a welcome Email by the organizers within 24-48 hours of your registration.

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